[ this and that ]

In the lobby, there is a wood stove.
The restaurant also has the wood stove.
It eats here for dinner and breakfast.

The deadline of dinner is 6:30PM.
A part of dinner menu.

Hot pod.
Fish and meet plate.
Breakfast is a buffet.
The favorite one please.

However, it may not become a buffet when there are few whole visitors.

When the Western room (with bath & toilet) is used by 4 people or more,
the loft is used.
They are 4 people in the base floor.
They are 2 people in the loft.
It is possible to use it in one room every 6 people.
It is a public bath.
It is not a hot spring..
It is a skiing locker.
There is PC that can be freely used in the lobby.
The wireless Internet can be used in the lobby area if there is my PC.

It is a hotel seen from ski piste.
The entrance is the stairs.
In addition, It goes up in the guest room by the second floor.
There is no elevator.